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  1. Julien Kris is a media artist, game designer, and creative technologist who uses software “incorrectly” to invent alternative interfaces for his body when mainstream technologies fail him. Jules’ projects have been featured at museums and festivals in the United States, including the UCLA Game Art Festival at The Hammer Museum, Indiecade Festival, Different Games Conference, LA Weekly’s Artopia, and CultureHub LA. He’s taught workshops at NYU ITP, Processing Community Day, Pepperdine University, Navel, Tiny Tech Zines, and Glendale Tech Week.
  2. Jules most recently worked as a Creative Technologist at Buck︎︎︎ and Part-Time Faculty at Parsons︎︎︎He is a co-organizer with Tiny Tech Zines︎︎︎.

  3. Jules holds a BA in Design Media Arts from UCLA, where he co-founded voidLab︎︎︎, an LA-based intersectional feminist collective for women, trans and queer people. Jules is an alum of the UCLA Game Lab︎︎︎.

Get in touch at hi.jules.kris@gmail.com



Angler explores non-verbal, indirect, and metaphorical communication & boundary setting through the use of personally meaningful symbolic objects. In our familial, platonic, and romantic relationships, we use gestures to communicate codes as concise as “I’m glad you’re here”, and as complex as “I don’t want things to change,” “I wish you were different,” or “I need help but I’m embarrassed to ask.”

The piece consists of a game in which users perform gestures for a screen with a live webcam feed. They progress the game narrative by accepting and rejecting fruit, giving awkward Soviet cheek kisses, changing their clothes before seeing family, brushing their grandmother’s hair, and other day-to-day communications. This collection of gestures becomes a choreography that drives the relationships in the story. Users will perform with objects found in their homes or with printable 2D props. As a companion to the project, I’ll facilitate all-ages workshops in which participants will identify and create their own symbolic objects and gestures. Through these iterations, I aim to create a playful dialogue about what we attempt to leave unsaid, and what we reveal despite our best efforts.

Angler is supported by Isla Hansen at Carnegie Mellon University.