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  1. Upcoming: Angler
  2. Soft Wear
  3. Feed Me Colors
  4. Phantasm Atlas
  5. Mnemosyne
  6. Empathetic
  7. Glaze Space
  8. Ping!

Teaching & Workshops
  1. Critical Computation Lab
  2. Speculative Camera Filters
  3. Prototyping AR Cosmologies

Client Work Website︎︎︎

  1. Julien Kris is a media artist, game designer, and creative technologist who uses software “incorrectly” to invent alternative interfaces for his body when mainstream technologies fail him. Jules’ projects have been featured at museums and festivals in the United States, including the UCLA Game Art Festival at The Hammer Museum, Indiecade Festival, Different Games Conference, LA Weekly’s Artopia, and CultureHub LA. He’s taught workshops at NYU ITP, Processing Community Day, Pepperdine University, Navel, Tiny Tech Zines, and Glendale Tech Week.
  2. Jules most recently worked as a Creative Technologist at Buck︎︎︎ and Part-Time Faculty at Parsons︎︎︎He is a co-organizer with Tiny Tech Zines︎︎︎.

  3. Jules holds a BA in Design Media Arts from UCLA, where he co-founded voidLab︎︎︎, an LA-based intersectional feminist collective for women, trans and queer people. Jules is an alum of the UCLA Game Lab︎︎︎.

Get in touch at hi.jules.kris@gmail.com


Ping! Mass MoCa Kidspace

PING! Is a sound generative, wearable project made for MASS MoCa Kidspace with Jesse Fleming.

PING! is meant to create a query from one person to another, establishing a network. A user is provided with a helmet with a 360 degree array of ultrasonic sensors, which pick up objects within 20 feet from the user and send out pings in all direction. When the user moves through space, their distance from others and the environment are converted into an auditory feedback. An emerging soundscape is formed between the user and everything around them.